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Faith and RSE reading list

I have decided to put together another reading list. This time focusing on the specific overlap between RSE and faith. Including a link on this list is not an explicit recommendation of their full content but as examples of what is being written about the connections between the two field.  (List is not yet complete and will be expanded)  Sadly some links to journal articles are behind a paywall. If you contact the article's author on  you will often find them willing to email you a copy for free.  Websites and free downloads Abrahamic Commentary on the English DfE RSE Legislation   Jewish, Christian and Islamic notes on each learning outcome within the 2019 English RS(H)E statutory guidance for schools.  Faith, values and sex and relationships education (guidance from the sex education forum that is showing its age but still an interesting read) Books The Sex Thing: Reimagining conversations with young people about sex * (A contemporary book discussing Chris