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Esteem Resource Network update event materials

This is just a quick update to share my powerpoint from the Esteem Resource Network update event and link to a few resources I looked at during my research.  PowerPoint Presentation  WHO definition of sexual health Fpa Sexual Wellbeing and Pleasure document Youtube videos  50 Shades of Grey Trailer Home office rape prevention advert  Sex+ Consent video Background reading Fetish Sex: A Complete Guide to Sexual Fetishes 50 Shades of Grey reading by a Sex and Relationship Educator and if you are super keen  Fifty Shades of Grey This is a very expensive but very useful collection of articles   The Politics of Pleasure in Sexuality Education: Pleasure Bound (Routledge Research in Education)

Plan for the adopted, abused, HIV+ and pregnant

When I write a new lesson plan or activity  I always ask myself "how would my lesson impact someone if they had... - experienced sexual abuse - been pregnant - a member of their family or themselves  infected with HIV - been questioning their sexuality - never seriously considered sex before (and I've just added) - been through the fostering/adoption system " When a write new material I am usually  writing something that I hope I could use multiple times with multiple groups and possibly over multiple years. So whilst statistically it is unlikely that every class will have people for all the above questions. It is an almost 100% certainty that most of the materials I write will at some point be delivered to all of the above.  I believe we have to plan for the 20%, 1%, the 0.1% and the 0.01%. I may never happen but if it did I want to ensure all my materials have a positive impact for everyone regardless of what others pressures that may have on their life.  I kn

Sexting Education Resource

Today I am sharing a free resource I have made to help teenagers think about the type of images they are sharing online and by direct messages. I class this resource as in BETA, it is just my first attempt at making these images and I want to reshoot the photos. Get rid of the cluttered backgrounds and I need to find a male mannequin to use as well. You can find all the images I use at  Sexting Images Resources I have tested these images in a number of lessons for 14-15 year olds. The way I use them is getting the young people into small groups and asking them to put them in order from most risky images to share to least risky. They create a continuum of risk. Then we talk through a number of follow up questions.  Which images would it be ok to share on social network? Which images might be ok to share by direct message, such as snapchat or MMS? Which images should we never share? Which images do you think could get people into trouble with the police? Which images would b

The impact of a 15 year old girl being made to watch pornogrpahy - Grace's story,

Today on BBC Three Counties Radio I heard an interview with 20 year old Grace talking about her experience of being pressured into watching pornography by her then boyfriend when she was 15 years old. She was incredibly honest and open about how she felt it had negatively impacted her. If you would like to listen to the interview it will be available for a week at the BBC , skip to 1 Hour 7mins into the programme or you can read my typed up  complete transcript of the interview. In this blog I want to pick out a few of things that Grace said.  One of the first things Grace says is  So the boy I was currently dating at the time, was obviously at that age where he had been watching it since about the age of 12 and he had heard from some of his friends that they watch it with their girlfriends. So he came up with a suggestion to me and I said no and I kept saying no and then he just kept on pushing, so I then said “well ok lets check this out, I’ve never looked at it before but let

Progress in updating government are guidance

This week we got news that finally Michael Give has consented to provide some government guidance on SRE issues like consent, sexting, porn and partner violence. Michael is doing some thing very right consulting three key groups of the pshe association, Brook and the sec education forum. All three have a great appreciation of the key issues and I'm sure they will produce good recommendations. This guidance will be a great help to school. But Gove is still saying that the 2000 guidance will remain and this new guidance will be more of a suggestion. With Gove's consistent claim we should leave it to the  teachers to decide what they will teach. Putting aside the inconsistencies in provision for UK young people. This seems to be the opposite method Gove has been following for the rest of the curriculum. He has looked to standardise what all young people learn of academic subjects in an attempt to raise standards. A nobel cause, yet SRE does not appear to enjoy the same attention

New Year for Blogging

New Year for Blogging  2013 was a bad year for my blogs, I barely posted. Not sure why. Maybe I was too distracted and busy but also I think I fell in to the trap of thinking every blog post needed to be a long post after lots of reading/research. Like this post in my SRE blog about 50 Shade of Grey in Aug 2012 or this one from my random blog about Cambodian Rice Paddy Fish Keeping  in Feb 2012. Both posts took over a week to write with all the reading I did for them. Both posts are some of the most popular post I have written. So Last year I got into a bit of a rut with always wanting to write long posts after lots of research. I started 3 or 4 different long posts that I never posted in the end. So in 2014 I am aiming to post every week even if it is a short post, like this one.  Enjoy this  Hey There Chlamydia - Parody video