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30 Sex and Relationships Questions

At the end of lesson we often give the students a chance to ask us any question anonymously by writing them down on a piece of paper, handing them in and then we shuffle them up and answer them all. Here is a collection of some of the most interesting, thought provoking and humorous i have collected over the last few 3 years. I am sharing them today to give a window into the curiosity of young people. Their genuine search for knowledge and sometimes the scary stuff they believe. Some are intentionally funny, others bizarre and some I find sad. Is it easy to see if someone has genital warts, herpes and lice? Why do girlfriends and boyfriends argue? Is it better for a girl to put a condom on a lad? When you are in labor does your vagina split so it can come out? How to give a girl more pleasure? Can you catch an STI from tasting cum? Do you have to be on your period to get pregnant? Isn't it awkward when you first have sex because you have never done it before? What is a

Sex and Relationship Education across the sexuality spectrum

Today I read this article by Louise Tickle   "Does Sex Education exclud e young gay people?"   Personally in my work I have always tried to be gender and sexuality neutral in all my lessons. I always use the term "partners" or using the full phrase "a boyfriend or girlfriend" in every sentence to any gender student. But sometimes I still find myself falling into hetronormative language. It is not a choice but an unconscious accident.  For example I had a interesting situation doing a condom demonstration in a school with a girl constantly talking over me (which I find so annoying).  I asked  " Please listen for a few minutes then you could speak with your friends."    She replied.  "But I don't need to know this"   I replied "you never know what might happen in the future and it both a male and a females  shared responsibility to know how to minimize risks"   "But I don't need to know this"   I