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Great article exploring one women's experience of publicly talking about sex I read this article and felt a few…

Great article exploring one women's experience of publicly talking about sex

I read this article and felt a few things, firstly sad for her that she had to go through this grief with some of her family, encouraged that she stood up for herself, especially how her parents stood up for her work and finally I wondered will I ever have to face anything similar?

Specifically by working as a sex and relationship educator from a Christian perspective will I start to get any kick back. Already I find some main stream sexual health workers treating me with suspicion because they hear I'm Christian. And Christians get worried that I am encouraging early sexual activity because I do talk about more then just abstinence. I feel it is a slightly odd position to be in. So far I have been blessed with friends and family that support and encourage me every steep of the way.

I truely hope that I never face criticism from people close to me like +A.V. Flox has. Working in the field of sexual health always generates strong emotional responses. Personally I hope they continue to be positive emotional reactions.

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Great article exploring one women's experience of publicly talking about sex I read this article and felt a few…
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