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Two things surprise me

Two things surprise me regularly when I'm teaching SRE. Firstly, how much some young people know about sex. Secondly, how little some young people know about sex. Strangely this seems true across all demographics of age, culture, up bringing and economic background. Some young people just seem to have a much greater awareness of sex at a younger age and some seem to be the complete opposite. This presenst some problems when teaching SRE. I know that if I aim too basic in my session I will be irrelevant to some of the class and more worryingly they may then decide to not ask me that question that they really want to know. On the over side if I aim high I may be concussing to people in the lesson or I may give them ideas that they wouldn't have thought of before. I believe the best approach is to aim somewhere in the middle, never assuming anything. Ensuring all my language is clear and concise examplianing new terms as I use them. At the same time I aim to never let my language

Oasis Esteem Sex and Relationship Course

In Chester we are hosting a 4 day Oasis Esteem Sex and Relationship Education course. Please download the attached JPG flyer. [caption id="attachment_34" align="aligncenter" width="426" caption="Sex and Relationship Education Course in Chester"] [/caption]

Visit to the University of Chester

Today I am visiting the University of Chester, Christian Youth Work Course. I am giving a guest lecture to the 3rd years about the role of Sex and Relationship Education in Youth Work. As part of the lecture I used a Powerpoint which I have attached to this blog post if anyone wants to make use of my quotes and figures. Sex and Relationship Education in Youth Work

The Relationship Pyramid

I have based this exercise on the Intimacy Pyramid from the Oasis Esteem Programme. I have used lots of the same words but have added some extra words and changed some wording. Simply the exercise works by getting the class into groups of around 3 or 4 and giving out the cards (holding back the cards that say sex). - Ask the groups to pick the top 10 cards that they would want in a good friendship. - Ask them to put the card into a pyramid with the most important card at the top. - Go around the group and ask them to feedback the top 3 cards in the pyramid. - After everyone has feedback, point out how similar people's top 3 cards are. Encourage the group that although we are all different we are all looking for similar things in friendships. - Now get tell the group to make the pyramid into a romantic relationship by adding 3 cards and remove any cards they think should not be in a relationship pyramid. - Ask groups to feedback the 3 cards they have added and explain the positioing

True False SRE 6th Form Powerpoint

Ok I wanted to post a quick resource that I have created and used with 6th Formers. It is a True/False PowerPoint, unlike the PowerPoints I use with younger age groups it uses some more explicit language and terms. All the images are royalty free and come from (an excellent website for anyone doing an kind of image work). You can use them for any not for profit educational work. I am happy for you to use this PowerPoint for any sessions you are doing. Please credit me If you are using it. I have reduced the file size and preserved my pretty fonts by making the slide show into simple images. True False 6th Form (jpg)

Sorry I'm a bad blogger

I apologise i started this blog and haven't used it. So i will try to use it more. To be specific I am currently planning a session for a 3rd year Christian youth work university students exploring the role of SRE in the youth work context. I will be sharing some information about the Oasis Esteem project which is currently the primary source of all the work I do.