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Naming modern SexEd. Does the name matter?

What's in a name? I regularly run into the problem of giving a concise but comprehensive name to the work I try to do about sexual health and wellbeing (see I just tried to summerise it in 4 words) but every term I use seems to fall short of fully explaining the field. Every worker in this field of knowledge of biological, sociological, emotional, technological and probably some more -icals related to reproduction has their own personal favourites. My favourite is Sex and Relationship Education. Short and simple but not necessarily very complete in covering all I work on when I have lessons covering individual self esteem, sexting and the distortions of pornography. Most names in the field have a history and reason for their particular emphasis. For example my favourite name for my work emphasis a core approach that I will only talk about sex as part of a larger curriculm which includes discussion on healthy relationships. I fully believe this is a key learning point for young pe

New Preventative HIV drug approved in USA I was interested to read this story on the BBC website. The idea of preventing HIV with drugs is something some HIV researchers have been looking at for years with the holy grail; of an effective HIV vaccine. Some may see this as a step in the right direction but it is lacking some key things to make it have the global impact we need. Firstly it is not cheep this will not be an option for the thousands of people living lives of risk across the world who do not have the income to afford this drug. Secondly the regime needed to be effective is 100% adherance (an impossible standard) and thirdly I think any method of preventing HIV needs to be instigated world wide to all at risk people at the same time. This drug will not produce herd immunity. It will not protect the most vulnerable. I also think it will increase misunderstanding about HIV. All in all im not a fan