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A RSE reading list

Sometimes people ask me what reading I recommend around RSE, so I thought I would put together a bit of a list. 

Key (free) articles and reports 

National and International RSE Guidance 

Some RSE teaching resources not written by me

Recommended longer reads and background issues connected to RSE

YouTube content related to RSE

Academic articles around RSE (some behind a paywall)

Open access
Behind a paywall

RSE topics 

Emotional wellbeing
RSE and disability focused resources 

Physical teaching resources I recommend

In person teaching
  • Compact contraception display kit Health Education
  • O-Cube Health Education
  • Condoms bulk buy Pasante* 
    (The cost of condom demonstrations can quickly add up so always look out for the big boxes usually called "clinic packs". Also flavoured condoms can help young people feel more confident to touch condoms in a classroom demonstration)
  • Condom Demonstrators*, Another and another
    (For education I recommend buying a few different ones, different shapes and sizes and colours to emphasize that variation is normal and the same condoms can fit on all of them)
  • Sexual Dams EXS

* Affiliate link. This post includes some affiliate links. These links do not impact the price you are offered but I may receive a small % of the sale. 


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