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Sexting Lesson plan

I am putting together a lesson plan all about sexting and more generally sex and technology. This is the rough plan I have got so far. I would love hear what you all think about it. AIMS young people will understand the possible emotional consequences of online sexual activities young people will understand how to protect their reputation online young people will understand the law regarding sexting Blue String Game to show how quickly information can be spread around. Emotional intimacy of showing your body via pictures or webcams. some kind of activity to show that the online world can be as emotionally impacting as the real world How do you view the internet is it a bridge between people a bullet proof window a gapping chasm a long tunnel Get 4 student volunteers divide into pairs Sit facing each other, say one pair represnts real life one online life. say that the online group has to pretend they are divided by bullet proof glass (2 dead laptops screen cut out) give them some tasks

Ways To Say No Resource

Hello, Just a short blog to share a simple exercise I put together based on an Oasis esteem material. This resource exists to help groups explore ways to say no in a wide variety of situation from ridiculous examples to serious situations. The exercise is aimed to be fun at the start and a bit silly and then it gets more serious. Key to this exercise is having two leaders comfortable to act and react to the suggestions from young people. Improv skills are useful. Please have a look and let me know what you think. How to say NO Activity plan ways to say no (jpg)